About Us

where CLASSY design meets local excellence

At Gallorini & Giorgi events we have over 15 years of experience designing and coordinating above the ordinary weddings and events  We plan weddings and events mainly in LA, DFW area, Houston, New Orleans and anywhere in the world a couple ask us to design their dream wedding,  to infuse the wonders of our homeland into classy and stylish weddings & events. From beautiful weddings, parties, anniversary parties to stunning galas, our creativity and dedication will provide to you and your guests a unique experience that will represent a special milestone in your lives.

where Italian design meets local excellence

Gallorini & Giorgi Events, unfolds a legacy of over 15 years crafting extraordinary weddings and event. With us you will experience the epitome of luxury as we bring together the artistry of Italian designers and the expertise of local planners, creating weddings curated with unparalleled elegance and executed flawlessly with the finest local vendor. Whether it’s a beautiful wedding, a celebratory party, an anniversary bash, or a dazzling gala, our team’s creativity and commitment ensure a unique experience for you and your guests. We specialize in curating events that become cherished milestones, where Italian design meets local excellence in every detail.”

Our team 




I founded Il Cerimoniere Italian
Weddings in 2007 in Florence, Italy
together with Eleonora, since my
fiancée and now my wife and we have
planned 300+ weddings & events since then. To me Il Cerimoniere Italian
weddings is my love story, my family,
the amazing journey of my life.




I founded Il Cerimoniere Italian
Weddings in 2007 with Samuele, my
husband. I graduated in Tourism
Management at the University of
Florence and the thing I love most
about planning travel and weddings is
being able to work with people from
different cultures.



Wedding Planner

Hi! My name is Faith and I have been planning events for 10+ years. Making someone’s dream come true has made me fallen in love with the Wedding & Events Industry! My favourite part about creating an event is that it can come to life and that people get to make ever lasting memories to share with one another.